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SLS Wills and More was set up by Sara Sheppard in 2017 after over 35 years in private practice in a number of specialist solicitors across East Kent. As soon as Sara set up SLS Wills and More she became a fellow  of the Society of Will Writers. Since becoming a fellow of the SWW, Sara now sits on their Professional Standards Board as is now an fellow member of the SWW.

“The reason I began SLS Wills and More was to provide a friendly caring service in the comfort of my client’s own homes. During the course of my career I have found that a lot of people, particularly those that the most vulnerable, prefer to remain at home, where they feel more comfortable than in a solicitors office which can provide logistical difficulties, can be difficult to get to and can sometimes feel overbearing.

I like to spend time with my clients, to get to know them, and their family circumstances before discussing their requirements as this helps to ensure that the advice that I give is tailored to their unique situations – it is not a one size fits all solution!”

Sara Sheppard – Founder SLS Wills and More

Hello, my name is Sara Sheppard

Sara began her career with NatWest Investments in Kent. In 2000 she left NatWest to work with a local firm of accountants to handle probate work and started studying for STEP, which introduced Sara to preparing Wills and LPAs and the need to prepare for the future to prevent stress and problems for the families left behind. Sara soon moved into private legal practice while continuing her studies and qualified as a STEP practitioner in 2003. Sara quickly realised that her accountancy skills would be invaluable to her as a lawyer, particularly when dealing with people who are vulnerable or being abused. Sara felt that she could use her legal and accountancy skills to help protect people and their finances. Sara began helping people by ensuring that during their later years, they knew that they would be protected by the people that they trusted the most by creating LPAs, or if it was too late, by making applications to the Court of Protection to appoint Deputies (whether family members or court appointed deputies) and finally ensuring that their wishes are adhered to by preparing Wills to ensure that their assets will pass to the people that they wish to benefit.

Our Customers

Most of our clients come to SLS Wills and More because of personal recommendations. We are happy to speak to anyone over the age of 18 who might be interested in the services we have to offer. There is no age barrier except being 18 to make a Will or LPA. We hope that in time future generations of clients and their family will come back to us when they want to consider their own provisions and estate planning. You do not have to be wealthy to use our services. Far from it. It is important that even if you do not own a house, or have much money that you do at least make a Will so that if you have young children for example, there are legal guardians appointed to care for them.

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