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Will and Document Storage

Will and Document Storage

Your Will is vitally important in enabling you to leave clear instructions on how your estate Is to be distributed. If anything happens to your Will or if your Executor doesn’t know where to find it, you may as well not have written one.

The original Last Will and Testament is the only document that will be legally accepted and it must be in pristine condition to ensure that there are no complications when following the wishes set out in it.

It is vital that your documents are stored appropriately so that it meets the specific requirements of the Probate Courts when it is presented by your Executor(s).

What happens if a Will has been lost?

Please be aware that if the Will cannot be found, it will be assumed that you deliberately destroyed the Will and you will be deemed to have died intestate.

Do SLS Wills and More store Wills?

Yes. We store Wills and legal documents for clients and also for people who have had their Will written and want to keep it safe. All of our documents are stored with the National Will Archive.


Can I store my Will digitally?

Yes but your Executors will need the original physical Will as this is what is required to admit to probate. A digital copy is only that – a copy. It’s not your LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT.


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