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At SLS Wills and More we are trusted by a number of professional organisations who refer their clients to us. These include mortgage brokers, financial advisers, and local businesses.

We also work with a number of charities to support their clients or supporters with estate planning. Whether or not a client comes to us from a charity partnership or initiative, we give back through Work for Good. This means that we donate a percentage of business sales to charity to help them continue all the hard work they are doing.

Whilst we are located in Kent, location is not a barrier to working with us and we have clients spread the length and breadth of the country. Essentially we can and do support clients across England and Wales. Many of our consultations or appointments are held over video call but we can travel to offer face to face appointments who prefer that more personal touch. We also work with advisers in different geographic locations if you would rather someone ‘local’.

We work with Joanna from Family Law Cafe providing succession advice and support to their clients. One of the things that Family Law Cafe like about working with SLS Wills and More is our transparent fixed-fee pricing.

We are delighted to be working with Mark and his team at MHC. Mark refers a number of his clients to us for estate planning services and we provide an affordable online Will writing solution for Mark’s clients, as well as face to face meetings where requested.

Howard Financial Planning Ltd work with SLS Wills and More. We provide STEP Qualified drafting and assistance to clients of the this practice. We love working with Mark and share a number of the same customer facing values.

James and the team at DC Pension & Investments also refer work to SLS Wills and More. They are an expert protection firm who have been supporting clients since 2001.

We are proud supporters of Hypo Hounds and this is one of the charities that we donate part of our revenue to every month. If you would like to support Hypo Hounds, all you need to do is write your Will with SLS Wills and More. For more information about Hypo Hounds, click HERE.

Many firms place trust in SLS Wills and More and like the way we interact with and look after their clients. Part of this comes down to the ethos of founder – Sara. Sara is also a mentor for other estate planning practitioners who tap into her 35+ years expertise when dealing with their own clients. Many of these practitioners also rely on SLS for back office drafting support. If you would like to enter the industry or would like mentoring to grow your practice or increase your knowledge, get more information here.

If you would like to explore what working with SLS looks like, would like to provide estate planning through your business or want to refer clients for our affordable, friendly support, get in touch.

These are just some of the reasons that choosing SLS Wills and More to support you with estate planning is a wise decision.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch. Lots of our work comes from collaborations but equally, we like to see where we can support partner organisation too.

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