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How Do We Work

There are number of ways that we can support you but typically, it takes this sort of format:

  • Free Will Review or Consultation

    It starts with a free will review or consultation. There are no caveats or asterisks* to our consultation. We offer a free 30 minute meeting to get to know you, to establish what you’re looking to achieve and to see if we can help. During the process we will set out our advice, advise you of our costs and get your feedback. Perhaps more importantly, there will be time for questions so that you’re in a position to make an informed decision.

  • Instruction Taking Session

    If you are happy with our advice we can proceed to take your instructions. This means about an hour of us running through the legal process (but explaining it clearly) and making notes which we will use to draft your legal documents.

  • Draft Documents Prepared and Explained

    We will then proceed to draft your documents. All of your documents are drafted in accordance with your instructions and specific to your circumstances. We don’t draft from a template and simply change the names on the Will. Our documents are bespoke and will be explained to you so that you know exactly what the legal clauses mean. Again, there will be plenty of time for questions.

  • Your Legal Documents are Bound and provided for Legal Signatures

    Once you have approved the documents (and checked spellings etc.) the final original documents are prepared ready for signature. The signing process is incredibly important as this is what makes them valid but full instructions will be given. Where possible, we also try to attend the attestation (the signing) to make sure everything is done correctly. During this meeting, the document will be read over to you (not in the presence of witnesses) to make sure you fully understand.

If you have any questions about our procedure, we are happy to help.

Information to prepare

Before an appointment with us please have I.D. ready. We ask for this because we have a duty to ensure that the person or people we are writing the Will or Wills for are who they say they are.

Please also have any previous Wills to hand so that we’re able to see what planning is already in place.

A list of all your assets and approximate values including life assurance and pensions, and any liabilities, such as mortgage, loans and credit cards. We also need to know if they are in sole or joint names.

We may also ask whether a mortgage has been paid off so if you have a mortgage redemption statement it would be very useful to see this.

Things to think about

During the appointment we will enquire about your wishes regarding the following:

  • Who you would like to be your executors

  • Whether you need guardians for minor children

  • Making provision for pets

  • What gifts have been made in the last few years and how much (if it was money). We need to know when they were made, but don’t need to know about Christmas or birthday gifts.

  • What your funeral wishes are

  • What gifts you would like to make

  • Whether there are any charities you would like to support

Things to think about

During the appointment we will take your instructions for your Will.

Protecting your assets is about so much more than simply writing a Will. Whilst this will communicate your wishes for who you would like to distribute your estate, we conduct a FULL estate planning review for our clients and this includes the following:

  • A Will review (if one is in place).

  • We will take instructions for your Will and will establish your tax position for. Inheritance Tax and to see if any reliefs may be applied.

  • We will identify how we might support in mitigating any tax.

  • We will look at your funeral planning arrangements and where needed support with a letter of wishes, or funeral plan.

  • We will help with pre-death planning and identify whether you would benefit from a Lasting Power of Attorney.

  • We may explain how Advance Medical Directives work and whether we would advise the need for one.

  • We will explain how and where to store your Will after it has been signed.

The meetings are designed to help you protect, preserve and pass on your assets to the right people at the right time.

Ultimately, we will explain what might stand in the way of this. Of course, the choice is yours.

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