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One Degree Training and Coaching exists to make the workplace a more fulfilling and engaging place.  When this happens, people become happier so that bit by bit, we make the world a happier place.
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In line with making the world a happier place, we strongly believe that environment is essential for happiness. Therefore, we donate 1% of every sale to My Square Metre to improve biodiversity and decarbonise the environment.

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Meet Andy Nisevic - Founder of One Degree Training and Coaching

Why work with Andy?

Andy’s approach is refreshingly people-orientated. Beyond theories and strategies, he emphasises the human element of people management, stressing that real change is rooted in genuine connections. His transformative journey, from confronting his own vulnerabilities to becoming an influential leader, resonates with many, making his teachings both relatable and impactful.

We spend a third of our lives at work. Making sure we’re content in our working lives is therefore vital to our emotional wellbeing. Andy is committed to enhancing that experience, ensuring every professional feels driven and aligned with a clear goal. After all, better leadership doesn’t just optimise processes and improve business – it improves lives.

Reach out to Andy and embark on your leadership transformation journey today.

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