SLS Wills and More

Strategies, tools, and techniques are essential in improving your approach to leadership, but your mindset determines your degree of success. Our Leadership Mindset Workshops delve deep into the psychological aspects that drive successful leadership. 

What to Expect:

  • Resilience Training: Our mindset workshops create resilient leaders that face challenges head-on and bounce back stronger.
  • Adaptable Leadership: Your industry is constantly evolving, and great leaders must keep up with the times. Equip yourself to handle change and uncertainty with poise.
  • Psychometric Assessment: Our comprehensive psychometric assessments reveal your personal DISC profile and your SDI. With these insights, One Degree can provide more bespoke training services.

On top of your one-on-one training and mentoring, those on our Senior Leadership Development Programme receive team performance coaching and are given two places on one of One Degree’s CPD workshops.

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